Superior cryptocurrency mining for the discerning

Start mining cryptocurrencies effectively with specially modified and verified machines for the highest performance with our all-inclusive support (purchase, operation, monitoring and maintenance).  

Top-notch quality through cooperation with premium partners

High standard mining conditions

Mine up to 20 % more than with conventional competiton

Guarantee of income compensation in case of machine failure or outage

Individual compilation of the mining portfolio

Regular payouts to your wallet

Active 24/7 support for your comfort

Reasons why we are your ideal
partner for cryptocurrency mining


An unparalleled guarantee of income in the event of an outage or failure of your machine. If your machine is offline for more than 10 days, we will automatically compensate you for the rewards your machine would have earned in normal operation until your machine is repaired. This is an additional service.


Up to 20 % greater performance of the mining machine thanks to modern type of cooling. Your machine is immersed in special oil, i.e. immersion cooling, so it can run at 120% without affecting its lifetime.


Your machines are stored in the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to our strategic location and long-standing great contacts, we offer a 3-year fix of green electricity and one of the lowest prices ($0.055 per kw/h).


We will provide you with complete support from machine purchase, connection, operation with a 95 % uptime guarantee, monitoring, to necessary updates and service needs. You do not worry about anything. With us, cryptocurrency mining is completely carefree.

A simple path to your first mined cryptocurrency

f $

Knowing and setting your investment goal.


Correct and efficient machine selection.

i "

Signing the contract for your safety


Regular payouts to your wallet.


Access to a user-friendly client area.


Careful check-up and connection of machines.

Offer of performance-tested mining machine


Accessories cost



More information


Accessories cost



More information

Specialized containers or the ideal home
for your mining machines

Intelligent features and modules ensure the superior quality of the mining itself

Oil-based fluid cooling for increased efficiency and machine life

Security, cleaning, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 customer support

Extraordinary facilities for maximum performance

An intelligent data center designed for cryptocurrency mining. It contains several ready-made positions for the insertion of mining machines with immersion cooling, i.e. oil-based cooling. It includes integrated monitoring of the center itself and the actual machines. FBOX was designed to be environmentally friendly with its high performance efficiency.

Our goal is to ensure your stable profitability in this exciting digital world

Professional, friendly and individual approach to each of you

We’re not factory engineers or scientists in laboratories. We’re like you. We are entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who have been fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies for many years. Now, we have reached a point where we want to help you earn steadily through cryptocurrency mining. We fully understand that this is an unfamiliar world for many of you. We were once in the same position you are now, and that’s why we are confident that we are the right long-term partners for you in secure and efficient cryptocurrency mining.



What is cryptocurrency?

A digital currency or asset secured using cryptography and hosted on a decentralized network using blockchain technology. This type of currency is not created and controlled by any central authority. It allows transactions to be made without the use of a third party (bank).

What is Bitcoin?

The first and largest cryptocurrency operating on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin's main advantage is its full decentralization, which means that no one, including the creator, can influence Bitcoin, seize accounts, create new Bitcoins or counterfeit them, as well as its complete transparency. The maximum amount is known in advance and cannot be changed. Bitcoins are gradually released into circulation and the release specifications are given in advance through the source code.

What does cryptocurrency mining mean and how does it work?

This is the process of securing the network by verifying transactions and then storing them in a so-called block on the blockchain. It is a complex process where your device solves a complex task to complete the verification of a given transaction. You then receive a reward in the form of a given cryptocurrency.

What is a crypto wallet?

It is a decentralized digital storage system operating on the blockchain, created for the most secure storage of your cryptocurrencies. Through the crypto wallet, you can also connect to decentralized applications on the blockchain or sign transactions, all while maintaining complete anonymity.

What is halving?

Halving, or the Bitcoin halving, refers to the reduction of rewards for successfully closing a block. This halving occurs every 210,000 blocks, which is currently equivalent to 4 years. It directly affects the influx of new Bitcoins into circulation and continuously reduces the inflation of Bitcoin. Historically, this moment is cited as a catalyst for the beginning of a growth cycle in the cryptocurrency market and is a significant event for Bitcoin miners, as their reward for closing a block is reduced by 50%.

What is blockchain?

A type of shared database for storing various types of data, such as transactions. It differs from traditional databases in the way data is stored; it is written into blocks that are interconnected through a process called hashing (cryptographic function). In essence, a blockchain can be visualized as a network of several thousand devices communicating with each other.

Our service

Can I start mining even if I am completely new to the world of cryptocurrencies?

Of course. We will happily guide you through this exciting world's basics. The mining itself is not complicated at all; with our project, it is completely carefree. You can start mining with us almost immediately.

Am I the owner of the machines I buy from you?

That's right. It is not a matter of renting machines or specific performance. You directly buy the mining machine and are the rightful owner.

What does income guarantee mean in the event of a machine breakdown or failure?

If your machine is in "offline" status for more than 10 days, we will compensate you with the equivalent earnings in mined cryptocurrency that your machine would have generated, but due to malfunction this is not possible.

What about the price of electricity?

Our offered price for electricity used in cryptocurrency mining is one of the lowest in the UAE market, at $0.055 kw/h. The electricity price is fixed for 3 years from the signing of the contract. The amount for electricity is always paid annually in advance before the start of mining. This energy comes mostly from renewable sources.

Do I get 100% of the cryptocurrency mined?

Our share is 10% of the mining production. This concept is structured so that we receive rewards only when you are actively mining. The mined amount is credited to your crypto wallet, already deducted by the 10% fee.

So what are the costs I have to take into account?

Let's sum it up together. All these costs are outlined in the contract.

  • Upon signing the contract, you pay the total price of the machine.
  • Before you start mining, it's necessary to pay for the electricity for the upcoming year.
  • Every two years, you need to pay the price for a coolant change, which can keep your machines extremely efficient. The cost is $200 for 1 mining machine.
  • Our reward is 10% of the mining performace, and this value is already automatically deducted when the mined cryptocurrency is transferred to your crypto wallet.

What is the payout process for mined cryptocurrencies?

You can view the value of your mined cryptocurrency by logging into the client area. Payouts are automatic, processed once a week to the crypto wallet you specify in the client area. We'll be happy to assist you in setting up your wallet.

Can I mine as a legal entity?

Yes. Whether you are an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur, you can start mining with us. To finalize the contract, we only need to know your basic information.

Machines, service and payouts

Where are my machines stored?

Your machines are housed in custom-made, specially modified containers enriched with intelligent features and modules. These containers are located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Can I have the machines sent "home"?

Yes, you can. You own your machines, and if you decide to request the shipment of the machines to a location of your choice, we will certainly accommodate your request.

Can I sell the machine?

Certainly. It's even one way you can increase the profitability of your investment. The machine's value tends to rise with market developments. If you decide to sell, we'll be happy to assist you.

Can I keep track of the performance of my machines?

Certainly. You can monitor the performance of your machine in a user-friendly client area. Access details will be generated for you upon contract completion.

How is the situation handled in the event of a machine failure?

We promptly record any machine downtime through our 24/7 monitoring. Subsequently, a technician checks the machine within 48 hours, and afterward, we send you a report detailing what happened. We handle all machine repairs and communicate on your behalf. If your machine is within the basic one-year warranty, all repair costs are covered by the mining machine manufacturer. If your machine is under the extended three-year warranty, we fully cover all repairs up to $500 - $750, depending on the machine type. If repair costs are estimated higher by the technical company or if your machine is out of warranty, we will provide you with the necessary repair information. With your consent, we will then take care of all aspects of the repair and machine restoration. The income guarantee in the event of a machine breakdown or outage naturally applies here.

Why does my purchased machine mine a different amount of cryptocurrency each day with a slight variance?

Every day, a different number of blocks is closed on the blockchain, resulting in a varying number of tasks that your device can solve. Depending on the number of tasks your device can solve, you receive a reward in the form of mined cryptocurrency, and for this reason, the reward may vary slightly every day.

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